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Dear friends of music

This year is an ‘off year’ for me so you won’t be hearing much. There are a few tasty things coming up, like my duo concert with Wolfgang Zwiauer in the Botanical Gardens in Bern on May 21st at 17rs or Natural Sound Openair, which I will visit with Hank Shizzoe, Bruno Amstad, Hendrix Ackle, and many more. There are also three final concerts coming up in Summer with my faithful Band, and of course a few Dylan tributes in Rigiblick with the wonderful Büne Huber and many more.

For now, I would like to tell you about a project that is dear to my heart....

About two months ago, a dear Irish friend of mine who also lives in Bern, the cellist and conductor Clíodhna Ní Aoídhán, came to visit me. She was so upset about world politics and the effect it is having on so many lives that she began to feel a deep need to become active. On that morning, a feeling of helplessness was transformed into a project called ‘One River Voices’.

‘One River Voices’ is a Project that celebrates our diversity. Our aim is to bring people from many nations and religions together and to send a message of unity, respect, tolerance and love to a world where walls and discrimination are causing separation. 

We decided to ask our friends in the business for their help and are amazed by the reactions we have received so far. Everyone involved is giving their time and resources free of charge: event manager, technicians, sound men, director, conductor, musicians, helpers and caterers, PA rental and the venue.

On May 7th, Clíodhna, my band, a string quartet, a flute player and myself, will learn to sing the simple song ‘One River’ with a ad-hoc choir of 200 people. We will eat together and be together for one day. The choir will be recorded and the entire event filmed. A video will be made and released on social media as a positive message to the world.

I would like to invite you to sing with us!!

We already have 140 people registered but there is room for more.

Most of the people who have registered normally sing under the shower so don’t be shy and don’t think you can’t do it!

You can get all further information at onerivervoices.com

Register! Come along! Let’s have fun together, sing together and celebrate our diversity together.

Warm wishes to you all and I really hope to see and hear you all soon!!!



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There is a place to see Shirley Grimes live soon:

12.08.2017 - Privat Konzert, DUO
19.08.2017 - Rüeggisberger Klostersommer, Rüeggisberg
20.08.2017 - Openair Calanda Bed & Breakfast, Iglis/Landquart
17.02.2018 - Alte Trotte , Erlinsbach AG
18.02.2018 - Le Singe, Biel

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