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Things don’t always work out as planned. Thank God! How boring would life be if that were always the case? Some things, however, are more difficult to accept than others.

‘Hold on…’ is a journey I embarked upon at the beginning of 2018. Wolfgang Zwiauer, Tom Etter and myself took the songs I had written to the rehearsal room and worked for countless hours on getting those songs to where they were destined to go. We then went on to play 25 predominantly sold out concerts on the first leg of our tour.

That Tour will continue until April 2020 but as of now, Tom Etter will no longer be a part of the live band.  Why? Well, to be honest, that is nobody’s business but ours. Suffice to say, some paths cross only for a limited period. In that time, if we are lucky, we get to enrich each other’s lives. I know that is the case with Tom and I and I very much look forward to maintaining the friendship that began to flourish through our working relationship.  

I am extremely happy to announce that, as of July, Marc Rossier will join Wolfgang and myself on the next leg of the ‘Hold on….’ Journey. We had our first rehearsal yesterday and I am glad to say that I already feel secure with Marc at my side. I am very much looking forward to standing on stage with him and Wolfgang in Switzerland, Ireland, Austria and Holland in the coming year. Shirley Grimes goes INTERNATIONAL! That, has been a long time coming.



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17.11.2019 - Mühle Hunziken, Rubigen
22.11.2019 - Die Kirche Rockt, Biberist Gerlafingen
23.11.2019 - Altes Kino , Mels
24.11.2019 - Badi Lounge, Frutigen
14.02.2020 - Schloss Fraubrunnen, Fraubrunnen

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