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No, I have not vanished from the face of the earth. I haven't sent a newsletter in what feels like an age but there wasn't really much to tell. The CD production is in full swing and our final recording sessions are planned for the beginning of June and mid-July. After that we will mix and master and then hope that everything will be ready for printing by the beginning of September. 

These collection of songs will be released by mid-October, if all goes by plan, which it never really does. One of the joys and the woe's of making music. You never know when and how the dice is going to fall. 

So, bare with me. I am not hibernating but working hard to get what has been brewing inside of me for the last year, ready for your ears.

Warm wishes 


Upcoming concerts

There is a place to see Shirley Grimes live soon:

09.09.2018 - Music Days, Stäfa
02.11.2018 - Bäre Buchsi - CD TAUFE, Münchenbuchsee
09.11.2018 - Rössli, Stäfa
10.11.2018 - Chäslager, Stans
11.11.2018 - Badi Lounge, Frutigen

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