Upcoming gigs

Yes! I can’t wait to get back on stage, sing for you and see (at least a part) of your wonderful faces. Click below for a full update on all my performances in the coming months.

Singer’s Choice

Hast du Angst vor dem Singen? Ist Singen etwas, das du schon immer tun wolltest, dich aber nie getraut hast? Bist du dir ziemlich sicher, dass du nicht singen kannst, dies aber gerne versuchen würdest? Im Rahmen der traditionellen und zeitgenössischen irischen, englischen und amerikanischen Volksmusik begleite und helfe ich Menschen, ihre Stimme zu finden.


I don’t know about you, but I love to watch musicians in action. Find a few of the clips (professional and otherwise) that have been made down through the years…


My musical journey has been a colourful one. Have a listen to some of the songs that I have released over the years…

Theater Rigiblick

Over the past few years, Theater Rigiblick has provided me with a space in which I can slip in to lots of different roles and sing songs from some of the artists I love and/or admire. From Jefferson Airplanes Psychedelic “White Rabbit” to Bob Dylans “Make you feel my love”. Join me and a wonderful selection of singers and musicians as we guide you through the musical stories of some of the world’s most renowned artists.